** TRIAL PACK! 4/10 OZ TRAINING TABLE SPORTSMEAL ** Chicken Chili w/ ORGANIC Whole Black Soybeans **

We're on mission to bring real-food protein to young athletes, with the world's most portable protein meals.  Join us!

Real-food performance nutrition.  Super-clean label.  If you're active, we're here for you!  Made in the USA - in the beautiful state of Oregon. 

TRAINING TABLE SPORTSMEAL - CHICKEN Chili is a delicious, ready-to-eat, high-protein meal perfect for lunch or dinner. Loaded with white meat chicken and USDA ORGANIC whole black soybeans, with a masterful blend of spices, this item fuels your athletic and active pursuits with performance-oriented macronutrients.

No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and no added sugar. No refrigeration required. USDA inspected, certified for wholesomeness and purity. Single-serve with just 220 calories. MACROS: Protein 27 Carbs 17 Fat 6

Discover the meal designed to fuel your performance.  It's all here, protein and fiber to bridge the gap between shakes and bars, with a level of satisfaction to drive your workout.  Where are you going to get 27 grams plus of protein in just over a minute?  Right here.

No refrigeration required.  Portable.  Microwave cook in 90 seconds.  Preservative free, no artificial ingredients.

Guaranteed great taste.  And FREE shipping.  Order today!

NOTE:  Trial Pack purchases are created for trial purchases ONLY.  Trial Pack purchases in multiples will be canceled.